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Data: 10 Nov 2021

The professionalism, the attention to detail and the Italian design that for almost forty years characterize the brand Zava Luce are translated into furnishing accessories for niche homes. Among the lamps in the collection there is 1962 Big, the floor lamp designed by Franco Zavarise, founder of our company. It is a unique piece of high craftsmanship able to fill the environments and enhance them despite its minimalist style, simple form and the use of industrial materials such as iron used for its realization. 1962 Big was chosen to illuminate the salon of this manor house inside a historic building in Turin, in the city center.

Manor house in Turin

The house is minimal and original at the same time; the wallpaper, for example, is inspired by the natural world and looks at the fantastic size; the parquet chosen for the flooring, instead, has a classic style with retro resonances, in perfect agreement with the context. The living area has been furnished following a palette of soft colors, both in the furniture and in the paint of the walls. The cream-coloured sofa, in a delightful chromatic combination with vintage cushions, is illuminated by the enveloping light of 1962 Big, in the white version and embellished by the gold leaf interior.

The light

1962 fills the room and, with its sober elegance, completely changes the perception of light and atmosphere, giving the environment a familiar warmth. The lamp finds its natural place in houses like this, minimalist and refined at the same time, where it can express itself in all its majestic charm.

The lamp is also available in a smaller version and can be customized in the choice of colors, pure white or intense black, and the interior, in gold leaf, silver or copper.

Photo Credits: Laura Comolli, digital content creator and influencer from Turin