Looking back one can easily understand that the key to the success of the brand is the working method and the strong specialization. Working closely with luxury hotel Interior Designers has allowed us to understand which were the needs of our common customers. Our culture of lighting allowed us to respond to these needs with innovative, functional and, above all, beautiful products. A couple of examples.

In 1986, when the lamp technology provides us with the miniaturized low-power halogen lamps, MLE develops the first reading lamp with adjustable arm. The new device makes light and can be oriented without burning. MLE arises then a new concept of illumination which is then subsequently developed with the introduction of the LEDs together with L.Bellini (Opera, 2003).

In 1988 MLE launched Carlton, with PY Rochon. The first bathroom lamp with degree of protection from water IP44. Only later the European legislators did realize that in wet areas is necessary to protect the client of the hotel and then enact regulations.
The specialization of the MLE is a market specialization. Market specialization means to focus on the needs of all the actors involved in the project and in the management of the hotel. The answers to these needs have to be included into the product range thanks to a well based Company Culture.

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